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To prep for Diaspora Demo , tiphub provides a structured online experience for companies designed around best practices of investment preparedness. Founders participate in a weekly workshop learning how to refine their narrative and numbers as it pertains to raising capital. tiphub staff, advisors, and strategic partners lead the workshops to provide entrepreneurs with necessary direction and mentoring. Over 14 hours of workshop content is recorded live and made available through our private network. In between workshops, entrepreneurs collaborate with our legal team, and schedule office hours with tiphub advisors. The following is an abbreviated schedule;


tiphub orientation: Hangout with participants, tiphub advisors, and coaches


As the first session, we’ll go through introductions, goals, and outcomes for the  7 week program. You’ll get a glimpse of what you’ll look like by the end of the program. (See live pitch)


Capital and Idea Validation: Weeks 1- 2: Defend your narrative and numbers


Learn how to defend your idea and your funding goal with evidence based research. Is your solution unique enough to differentiate yourself in the market? how much of the market can you capture with your solution? Learn the key factors to consider when deciding to go after different types of investment vehicles.


Product, Service, and Solution: Weeks 3: Competition, Intellectual Property, and Technology Validation


How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? Does your solution involve a product or technology build-out, and if so, has it been validated in any capacity? How does your solution compare to your competitors and what are the risks involved?


Measuring Impact: Week 4: Developing your impact thesis, logic model and investor story


How to define, measure and present impact to potential impact investors. Who are your stakeholders? What scale will your impact be greatest? How high must your operating margins need to be to provide the impact you forecast?

Market Validation and Analysis: Week 5: Market Testing

What is your stakeholder engagement strategy and how does it translate into a sales pipeline? Have you established necessary partnerships? How do your customers and competitors view you?

Business Model and Risk vs. Talent: Week 6 : Pricing, Company Economics, Scalability, Funding Strategy, Risk Analysis

Is your downstream value positive for your customers and partners? Is your current model scalable? Is your funding strategy capital-efficient and have you identified an exit strategy?

Presentation Quality and Marketing: Weeks 6-8: Pitch Refinement

Do you have a concise elevator pitch and an impactful presentation? Is your pitch supported by meaningful data?

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